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Purpose and Performance

How is team Coaching different than individual coaching?


The pivotal difference is that client is the team as a whole. Team members identify needs and establish goals based on their shared purpose.

Why coach a team?


A collection of high performing individuals does not necessarily equate to a high performing team. It is in the web of connections within the team and its connected systems where teaming truly happens. 


3 reasons clients ask for team coaching


To improve some specific aspect of performance:

  • Process improvement

  • Financial goals

  • Reputation

To make things happen Faster:

  • Change management

  • New culture

  • New teams

  • Adaptation to new circumstances/conditions

To make things happen differently:

  • Creating a coaching culture

  • Communication problems

  • Leadership direction 

Teaming characteristics weave a web of influences and outcomes that need to be viewed, assessed, and adapted together. 

This Complex Adaptive Systems approach includes; the team's internal systems, the external systems of their stakeholders, and the interdependencies between all the systems that affect or are influenced by the team. 

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