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A Little More About Me

I am the mom of 2+3.

Blended families are hard and worth it.

I grew up in Phoenix, AZ where
I could be a big city girl with
mountains in my backyard. 

I cannot sing and clap at the same time.
Ok, OK!

I cannot maintain rhythm clapping 
even when I'm not singing.




Through research, years of working with individuals and organizations at various stages in their journeys, as well as years of my own personal and professional development; I have come to recognize a few grounding principles that guide me as a coach and adult educator:

  • There is no one right choice or path, and every single choice we make is a step towards something. Even inaction is a choice.

  • You are already enough. We so often get stuck in a loop of waiting “until.” But here is the secret about “until.” It is just another step, like every other step in the process. Which means that the only barrier to starting is… OURSELVES.

  • Shut off the noise in your head and ask the uncomfortable question. Then, and this is the hard part, listen with the intent to understand.

If these principles speak to you, contact me and let’s discuss what goals you want to reach and how I can support you in achieving them.


President and Founder, Kim is a Certified Leadership and Team Coach, community and organizational development facilitator, and professional skills educator.  She has worked

across government, nonprofit, private and public sectors. Her expertise lies in supporting

transformational change, group dynamics, and building resilient relationships
to be more effective, together.


Fons has conducted numerous seminars and presentations on leadership development, communication, and team building. In addition to her extensive work in personal, professional,

and organizational development, she has also worked with leaders around the globe

to build bridges of cross-cultural understanding.


Kim Clist Fons has 15 years of experience bringing people together with vastly different

views and ideologies. “Where there is open conversation, a sincere desire for understanding,

and a commitment to a shared vision, great things can happen.“



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