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When Niceties Become Necessities

To be an effective leader during this time, you must remember that humans experience life about 30% rationally and 70% emotionally. – Paul Berg, Gallup Workplace

How are you?

It's a question carved into our culture, we say it as greeting more than inquiry. So much so that, we often ask the question in passing and keep on walking. While this interaction passed as an acceptable connection before the pandemic, it simply isn’t enough right now, especially if you are part of a team that is trying to remain functional amid this global upheaval.

Don't waste these moments.

For a simple, yet powerful shift, try adding emphasis to the word ‘are’ or ‘you’

How ARE you?

How are YOU?

After you ask, take a moment to wait for an answer. Just listen, no need to fix it. Being heard is a powerful gift we can give one another right now.

Research shows that the top emotional needs of people in a crisis are:

Trust, Compassion, Stability and Hope

In this March 30th article, Gallup shares ideas on how to “Remember the Needs of Followers During Covid-19”

How are you taking care of people, even when you still have to take care of business?

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