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Living Courageously 

Cohort Coaching Series

6 weeks, Tuesdays at 7:00pm (CST)

Jan 19 - Feb 23     (*90 minutes each via Zoom)

Let’s face it, 2020 was really challenging. Are you ready to hit the reset button in 2021? Our newest group coaching series offers an opportunity to:

Find your courage and decide how you want to use it.

Get ready to kick 2020 to the curb and step out COURAGEOUSLY! With the same group of people each week, you will build trusting relationships, and grow together. 

Series includes:

  • One individual coaching session to explore your own courageous purpose.

  • Kraybill Style Matters Conflict Assessment

Kim Clist Fons

Kim is the founder of Blue Wysteria Coaching and Consulting and a UW Madison Certified Professional Coach with 12 years of leadership development and professional training experience. She has worked with people around the world to strengthen their leadership skills and better equip them to make powerful change in the communities and organizations that matter most to them. She loves to work with Community Leaders and teams, supporting them in becoming more effective, resourceful, and connected.  She is also an experienced mental health coach, working with employers to support their most valuable resource, their PEOPLE.

Feel free to contact Kim directly

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Stephanie G Johnson

Stephanie is a 2019 graduate of the UW Madison Certified Professional Coach program.  She has over 28 years of experience in health care and community health improvement work. She is passionate about supporting individuals through transitions--career, relationships, health challenges, and other life events--so they can become more confident, focused, present and able to fully embrace all that life has to offer.To learn more about Stephanie, her coaching philosophy, and how she can be a part

of your journey, visit her website:
or email her at:

Stronger Together

Did you know that most coaching happens virtually? Around the world, coaches have been connecting with their clients via telephone and video conferencing for years. 


Now more than ever, Coaches are being called on to support individuals, teams and organizations. Blue Wysteria continues to offer 1-on-1 coaching as well as team coaching for your group.

Recognizing that it has been a rough couple of months, with more challenging days ahead, Blue Wysteria and Stephanie G Johnson Coaching and Consulting have teamed up to offer new opportunities.  We're here to help you cope, take control, and connect with others.


We offer two types of Courses and Group Coaching:


Drop-in allows for participants to attend any of the sessions, selecting only those that interest them most or fit best within their schedule. Thus participants and group dynamics can change with each session.

Cohorts bring together a consistent group of participants who all go through the process together. This creates the opportunity for deeper trust and relationships to be built, often resulting in deeper learning and growth.

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