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Much like a rope in a tug-of-war, dissatisfaction or even discomfort is your values and your trajectory pulling in different directions.  Coaching is a way of shining light on what is important, shedding what is not, and stepping forward into what you really want at work and home. With my help, you can recognize that your stress isn’t the problem but a sign that the right choice is close at hand



"At the heart of greatleadership is a curious mind, heart and spirit"- Chip Conley

Young Business Colleagues

What if you could open up communication and bring diverging ideas and priorities together for a unified goal.


What would your organization accomplish if your vision and innovation were your
only limitations?

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"Kim’s ability to actively listen to others is second to none, and is a skill she uses to connect deeply with people. She facilitated learning around asking powerful questions, a skill absolutely crucial to master for engaged leadership. Kim clearly explained the value of asking powerful questions and then helped us all practice this new skill. Her professional talents are numerous, but it has always been her ability to sincerely connect with me and truly understand what is important to me that has kept our relationship strong."

- Mary H. ​Freelance Writer/Photographer, Janesville

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