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Individual and Team Coaching, Training and Facilitation

Grounded in research and applied to your unique goals

Business People

We envision diverse and thriving organizations, with leaders who are committed to shared successes.

It is our mission to create high performing individuals and teams, who have the knowledge and skills to sustain and adapt to whatever challenges come. 

Business Meeting

When your purpose and your trajectory are pulling in different directions, like a rope in tug-of-war, the tension can show up in painful ways:

Failure - Dissatisfaction - Frustration - Ambiguity. 

Coaching is a way of shining light on what is important, shedding what is not, and stepping forward into what you really want and need to succeed.

Every individual coaching session should

Deepen Self-Understanding and Create Forward Action

What kind of team are you?

Barely Making It - Doing OK - High Performing 

The differences can be surprisingly hard to recognize. And the shifts that need to happen in order to move beyond dysfunctional teaming are often based on what is missing in the dynamic and connections, rather than skills or resources. A complex, adaptive, systems approach to team coaching creates

Sustainable High Performing Teams



"At the heart of greatleadership is a curious mind, heart and spirit"- Chip Conley

Young Business Colleagues

What if you could open up communication and bring diverging ideas and priorities together for a unified goal.


What would your organization accomplish if your vision and innovation were your
only limitations?

Work Presentation

"Kim’s ability to actively listen to others is second to none, and is a skill she uses to connect deeply with people. She facilitated learning around asking powerful questions, a skill absolutely crucial to master for engaged leadership. Kim clearly explained the value of asking powerful questions and then helped us all practice this new skill. Her professional talents are numerous, but it has always been her ability to sincerely connect with me and truly understand what is important to me that has kept our relationship strong."

- Mary H. ​Freelance Writer/Photographer, Janesville

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Co Workers
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