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Are You Tiptoeing Into 2021?

Updated: Jan 6, 2021

Welcome to 2021. Here at Blue Wysteria, we spent some much-needed time with our families, cuddled with our puppies, slept in for a few extra hours. And now, emerging from our cookie coma, it is time to decide how we go forward in this new year. Shockwave after shockwave of natural and man-made disasters made for a brutal 2020. No one could have imagined what was in store for us, way back in the beginning. We were sweetly hopeful and optimistic, but now we know. If your hopes for 2021 are tethered by a cautious wariness, you are not alone. We woke up on January 1st and politics still divide us, COVID is still a global threat, and we still have those pesky pounds to shed (and by we, I mean ME). And yet, 2021 surely can't be as hard as last year, can it? Well, yes, it can. Wait, don't click out yet! Yes, it can be as hard. It certainly looks to be starting that way, but we are not completely without control. Our mindset, the way we choose to step into the chaos can make the hard feel do-able. My dear friend Britt always says, “You can do hard things.” And she is right. You can do hard things! So where do you begin?

Let COURAGE be one of your pillars for the year.

The best part about choosing COURAGE is that it can look different for everyone. In fact, it can look different for every situation.

Courage to keep going

Courage to change

Courage to start

Courage to stop

Courage to speak

Courage to listen

When we choose COURAGE, so much more is possible. Blue Wysteria is embracing courage this year. We will be discussing how to become a better leader and a stronger team, with COURAGE. We will be sharing resources and best practices throughout the year. And in March, Blue Wysteria will introduce you to the ABCs in a whole new way - a way of being and doing.

But one thing at a time. Right now, let’s start with COURAGE!

If you want to embrace COURAGE in 2021, you don’t have to do it alone. I hope you will consider joining me and Coach Stephanie Johnson in

· Explore what courageous looks like

· Choose how we want to show up courageously

· Support each other

· Be coached as a group and individually

With courage,


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